Grabvine Getaway on Galactic Circuit is upgraded with a shortcut that will help those people (I used to be one of them) who are stuck on that level. Fire Mountain Rally will be coming soon also.

UPDATE: (Update: I got the bug fixed from the update.) I have updated my Abyss shortcut thanks to theAhnFahn. Now it should be a little more understandable (hopefully).

This is my attempt at a shortcut page, I dont know of any other sites on the web that have a shortcut section so maybe I'm the first!! (YAY!!!!!) Right now, since only some of the tracks are completed, this can show you all the courses in the game. These shortcuts should be the same on N64 as on PC. Pretty soon, (couple of weeks) I will have this shortcut section completed, and with help from TheAhnFahn, the fastest podracer in the galaxy, you should see a nice shortcut section in front of you. These will help you if you are having trouble beating a track or just wanted to know the shortcuts for the heck of it. Plus TheAhnFahn and I should be making snapshots of the shortcuts so it will be easy to see how to take them. This is page is almost finished!!! All I gotta do is add the rest of the small shortcuts.

Amateur Circuit

Boonta Training Course:

There are no shortcuts that I know of on this race, just boost as much as you can.

Mon Gazza Speedway:

Same as above, boost a lot and you will win. Easiest track in the game. (I've lapped number 2 on this one.)

Beedo's Wild Ride:

The first race with shortcuts.

1. The first shortcut is right when you see the rock pillars, get on the upper little ledge and stay on it. Go through to where it let's you off and cross the bridge. MY OPINION: This doesn't save you time because you can't boost in the tunnel (unless you're TheAhnFahn, hehe), so I wouldn't use this one.

NOTE: Sorry, you can boost in here so I think it does save you time.

2. After the place with the flags, get on the higher route. NOTE: You have to boost through the rocks for it to save you time, and if you crash that totally defeats the purpose. So risky but it saves you time.

3. On the second and third lap go in the tent on your left. NOTE: Has not been tested, may not save you any time.

Aqualaris Classic

1. The only shortcut on this race is right after you come out of the first long tube, there is kind of a black road, at the left of the road there is a path that you can easily get onto. This will allow you to boost carefully in this section, otherwise you wouldn't be able to. Also take the left route when there is a little divider, it saves you time. I will try to put up a screenshot of this one.

Malastare 100

No shortcuts on this one that are worth taking so I won't mention them.


Spice Mine Run

Semi-Pro Circuit

Sunken City

1. Full Upgrades Needed

Capture 1: This wall is at the very beginning of the course. Just ride up it and land on the track above.

Capture 2: But wait! This trick is not so easy. Due to racer's form of collision detection, you will fall right through the track. See how you can see the clouds where the ground should be. The only way around this is to have another racer positioned where you want to land. This way you will not fall through. This trick works great if you finish lap 1 really fast and the other racers are at this spot when you do the trick for lap 2.

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Howler's Gourge

Dug Derby

Scrapper's Run

Zugga Challenge

1. Full Upgrades Not Needed (I think)

Capture 1: This is the spot just before the huge sandcrawler robot thingy. Just ride up this wall and make it through that small crack.

Capture 2: Fly through the air and land at the spot specified on the picture. Saves the task of having to fly under that guy.

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Baroo Coast

Bumpy's Breaker

1. Full Upgrades Not Needed (I think)

Capture 1: This is the first jump in this level. Just as you get here slow down. Jump to the right and do a full 180, landing on an incline just under where you are currently pictured.

Capture 2: Here is the incline. Try to get your pod to crash into the circled spot. If you are lucky you sometimes fly really high and don't crash.

Capture 3: Here is where you land if this is done correctly. This saves you about 20 seconds.

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Galactic Circuit


1. Full Upgrades Needed

Capture 1: Get to this spot and climb as shown. Make sure you go over the right fence, but do not go too far left or you will fall to the other side of the larger cement wall.

Capture 2: Ride this wall as shown. Try to stay on the very top. Just when the gap between this wall and the right fence reaches its minimum distance take a hard right and jump over the fence. (Note: Takes MANY tries to get to work)

Capture 3: This is what it looks like if you made the jump over the right fence. Head straight.

Capture 4: Just keep heading straight and hope you land in the area specified on the picture. This is probably the most exhilarating shortcut because you get to fall a LONG ways.

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Sebulba's Legacy

1. Full Upgrades Not Needed

Capture 1: Here is where your pod should be to do the trick. Just when the right rail vanishes make a hard right.

Capture 2: Ride this wall all the way to the upper deck on the other side.

Capture 3: Just finish out the course like normal. It sure is alot faster not having to take that big u-turn, isn't it.

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Grabvine Getaway

1. On the second lap, when you get to the part that is brown and looks almost like a desert (it's really a geyser field), near the middle of the section the ground and your pod will start to shake. You will probably see some rocks fly by you overhead and right then you will see an opening on your right (you will probably need to break before that so you can see it). It's a good idea to get ahead of the other racers so they won't crash into you and explode you while you're slowed down. Continue through making sure you turn right. Repeat for lap 3.

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Andobi Mountain Run

Dethro's Revenge

Fire Mountain Rally

The Boonta Classic

1. Well, let's start out the long list of shortcuts for the Boonta Classic. After the first turn in the game, you see two huge pillar like rocks on your right, get your boost going so you can make up for the lost speed. Stop your boost and head for that opening up ahead. When you reach the opening go straight for the little arch while holding back on your joystick, stick (for N64), or back key on the numpad. Keep on going straight and then turn and continue along your merry way.

2. Continue along past the one big turn and on the second big turn, get on that ramp you can boost here so it saves you time. Now hold back and get on the other side.

3. Continue along in the area with the holes in the floor on either side of you, then when you get to the place where the past splits, take the furthermost route to the right, up the ramp. Continue along.

4. In the area with the Sarlacc Pit, before the sandstorm thing start your boost and go all the way left to the wall. You should probably do this a little before the Sarlacc Pit. Then continue along the side and it should save you time if done correctly. The rest of the race there are no more shortcuts except for this last one.

5. Right where you get off of the previous shortcut, go all the way to the left the whole time. It will save you a second or two. That's it.

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Invitational Circuit

Ando Prime Centrum

Abyss (Everybody's favorite track)

1. Abyss shortcut 1: Jedi apprentice

1) Must be done with Bullseye Navior and full upgrades.

2) Race the course as usual until you reach this point, the entrance to the second wire-tunnel.

3) Have your boost going for at least 3 seconds before the entrance to this tunnel.

4) Just as you enter the tunnel, turn your pod on its side and ram as hard as you can into the left wall.

5) After you are half-way up the wall, tap right, then hold left again. You should fly over the left side.

6) Now hold back, keep holding left, and head for the finish line platform as shown in the picture.

7) Repeat for laps two and three.

2. Abyss shortcut shortcut 2: Jedi master

1) Must be done with Bullseye Navior and full upgrades.

2) Instead of heading forward when the race starts, travel backwards and position yourself as seen in screen1.

3) Pick up some speed and take off of the left side of the path as in screen2.

4) Fly over the tangent pathway, and land on the large concrete formation directly under the path you were originally on.

5) If done correctly, you should be located as seen in screen3.

6) From this point, head directly up the concrete formation. Try to fly right through the center of the bridge above you. Screen 4 depicts the spot you should do this.

7) Hold back and turn you pod on its side. When you fly through the bridge you should take flight. Screen 5 is an excellent example of how this should be done.

8) As soon as you can, start turning right. The reason for this is that you want to jump over the right wall. This is the hardest step to perform, and takes some practice. If you jump the wall too soon, the lap does not register. If you go to far past the finish line, the height you once had has diminished, and jumping the wall will be impossible. Screen 6 shows a successful wall jump.

9) The reason we choose Bullseye Navior was because of his excellent turning. After you jump the right wall, turn as far right as possible. You should see a track below you, as seen in screen 7. Land on it.

10) Race the track until you are at the point in screen 8. Turn your pod on its side and drift into the right wall. With a little faith, and a lot of practice, you will fly through the wall and land on the concrete below.

11) Screen 9 is a good example of where you should jump the wall and where to land.

12) Repeat the process, starting with step 6. Note: With this shortcut, you must actually pass the finish line a total of 4 times. This is because lap 1 does not register. Even so, if you manage to pull this off you will most likely get a 3-lap time under 40 seconds.

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The Gauntlet

1. Full Upgrades Not Needed, But Recommended

Capture 1: Reach this spot and then make a wide u-turn. Line up against the wall that will be to your left after you have made the u-turn.

Capture 2: Here is the wall I was talking about. Turn your pod on its side and ram into the wall. If you start tapping right and left, you will climb the wall. Make sure to climb really high.

Capture 3: Here is a shot of me climbing the wall. You can't see it in the picture, but there is a wall perpendicular to the one you are climbing. Once you make it over this you are nearly done.

Capture 4: Now you are over the wall. Head straight for a little bit, and then take a hard right. You should see this track below you. If you land on it you save a bunch of time.

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1. Full Upgrades Needed

Capture 1: Just after you start the race, turn your pod on its side and slowly head into the right wall.

Capture 2: Keep holding right. If you hold back while you are on your side and in contact with the wall your pod will tilt like this. Now, while still holding back, take a hard left. You should leave the ground and jump the left rail.

Capture 3: Here I am, high as a kite. Now just head to the spot specified in the picture.

Capture 4: Here is the last shot of my pod just before I land this awsome shortcut.

2. Capture 5: But wait, there is more! Travel for about five seconds until you see this big rock that marks the fork in the road. Make a complete u-turn to the right as shown.

Capture 6: This is the view you will have when you have turned all the way around. See the left wall? Turn your pod on its side and climb all the way to the top. You should hopefully fly through the ceiling.

Capture 7: Here is the view you should have when you have climbed the wall and flown through the ceiling. Now fly over the right wall as shown and head to the finish line.

Capture 8: Here is the shot of my pod high in the sky just before the finish line. Make sure you fly under the finish line or else the lap will not register.

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